The US decided to withdraw its troops from Syria

The US decided to withdraw its troops from Syria

25.12.2018 20:38


The Trump administration has decided to withdraw its more than 2000 soldiers from Syria, the reason is that "the mission of defeating IS is delivered". I really doubt if the Americans have read my article written on Dec. 1st, 2015 (德军能给叙利亚带去民主吗?). It seems they agree with the approach I have argued.

The key issue in Syria is to restore the law and order instead of pushing "regime change" to carry out the so called "experiment of democracy". Democracy is indeed a luxury which must be based on the principle of the separation of the religion from the state. Meanwhile, a prosperous, stable and solid middle class is also indispensable. In order to meet these requirements, Syria still has a long way to go. Among all the political forces in Syria, only Assad regime is able to restore the order. If the foreign powers destroyed this regime, the perspective of ending the long lasting civil war would be very gloomy. What happened in Libya? Trump's decision shows us that the Americans have accepted the ruthless fact that Russia and Iran had won this geopolitical competition at this moment. However, it could be also possible that Trump administration is trying to withdraw from the troublesome middle east and mobilize more resources to the so called "indo-pacific" region, in order to contain its prime competitor: CHINA.

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