Are Germany and China natural partner?

Are Germany and China natural partner?

25.12.2018 20:39


I need to write a seminar paper on China's foreign policy, now I am struggling to find a concrete thesis. I don't want to only focus on China because I am not only a Chinese but also a world citizen, since I have worked in China, India, Africa and Europe for a long time. I really can be regarded as a person with world perspective instead of a narrow nationalist. Therefore, I prefer to write something on Sino-German relations. Professor Lian Yuru from Peking University has argued for a long time, that Germany and China are natural partner, because the two countries actually have no fundamental conflicts, instead, they share many common interests. Professor Lian's argument seems reasonable and meaningful, especially under the condition that the US is probably recalibrating its world strategy. The Trump administration treats China increasingly as its prime competitor, and Germany is no longer the loyal little younger brother of the US as it was during the cold war. The German foreign minister Heiko Mass has openly talked about the necessity of reconsidering Germany's dependence on the US. In this sense, it could be very interesting to study the Sino-German relations under the new conditions. What do you think about this topic? Any suggestions or comments are welcome and appreciated.

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