Strategic partnership between China and Germany: crisis-proof and future-proof?

Strategic partnership between China and Germany: crisis-proof and future-proof?

25.12.2018 20:40


Today I have read a paper written by Michael Staack in March 2018, a professor of political science at the Helmut-Schmidt-Universität/Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg(汉堡德国国防军大学). This paper is with the title “Strategische Partnerschaft zwischen China und Deutschland: Krisenfest und zukunftstauglich?” (Strategic partnership between China and Germany: crisis-proof and future-proof? 中德战略伙伴关系 – 经得起危机和时间的考验?)
After reading this paper I realized the relations between Germany and China are not so fragile and unstable as I thought before. Actually we should not overestimate the importance of the ideological differences between the two countries. Instead, the both share quite a lot of common interests: economical, political and even strategic. In my opinion, today’s foreign policies of the both countries follow to a greater extend the institutionalism of the international relation theories, which is quite different from the realistic, nationalistic and unilateral approach of the USA under the leadership of President Trump.

I used to believe Germany was just the political colony of the USA without basic political independence. This impression could be wrong! At least for some important issues, Germany has bravely taken different positions against the USA. Professor Staack mentioned in his paper an very important political and strategic event. In 2004/2005 the George W. Bush administration of the US had the plan to accept east Asian countries, especially Japan, to join NATO. Given that Japan and China are actually strategic rivals, China must strongly oppose this action. But eventually this plan has not been implemented, one of the most important reasons is that, Germany opposed this idea! The motives for Germany’s attitude are obvious. First, Germany has no interest in taking sides in unresolved territorial conflicts in east Asian region. Secondly, it has very close ties with all the states of the region and therefore has no interest in supporting one regional power against another. And thirdly, from the German point of view, it is highly questionable whether NATO should play any active role in the Asia-Pacific region and whether it is in Germany's foreign and security interest. Therefore, Germany actually has its own positions in terms of foreign policies and strategies. Recently, Germany is not willing to follow the USA and Australia to forbid Huawei’s 5G products and solutions into German market, this is another evidence of Germany’s political independence from the US.

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