Poor Trump and Powerful Xi

Poor Trump and Powerful Xi

10.01.2019 19:57

By Chaoting Cheng
Jan. 09, 2019

I have just watched Donald Trump's first national address on border wall and government shutdown, and the immediate response from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

What a poor President of the United States! This is my perception. Trump is demanding $5 billion in border wall funding. Come on! Only 5 billion USD, it is just a small money, but as the President of the richest and strongest country of the entire world, Trump has to actually use all his means to convince or "force" the congress to approve his plan, even at the price of government shutdown.

As the head of state and chief of government, the power of American President seems very limited. Is that the so-called “check and balance”? With such limited power, how can he "Make America Great Again"? Compared to poor Trump, obviously our President Xi is far more powerful. Look at China’s unprecedentedly ambitious “Belt and Road Initiative”! This grand strategy spans over 60 countries and will cost over a trillion dollars. Early in 2013, our powerful President declared his decision, but he did not need an approval from the National People’s Congress at all. Who is more powerful? President Xi is probably better equipped to achieve "the great renaissance of the Chinese nation". If Trump were smart enough, he should turn to China! 5 billion dollars are nothing for rich China. Trump should make a deal with China to end the trade war which he started. If so, he would need neither Mexico nor Congress to pay for his wall, China will pay everything. Moreover, China is very good at infrastructure building, in this respect China could also offer its help. Who has built the Great Wall?

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